STU 500 f

STU-500 features and benefits

  • 5.0" monochrome, transreflective LCD display provides easy viewing even in bright lighting conditions
  • Screen resolution of 640 x 480 provides room for soft keys and can clearly display text
  • Serial data connectivity is available as an option
  • Wacom's patented EMR technology provides a maintenance-free electronic pen
  • Hardened glass signing surface is extremely durable and highly resistant to scratches
  • Captures legally-binding electronic handwritten signatures
  • Data encryption is available as an option

The STU-500 LCD signature pad features a high-quality reflective display with a 640 x 480 resolution, providing sharp viewing of the smallest text and ample space for even the longest signatures. The large screen offers the flexibility to display images and text or to incorporate soft keys or menu buttons. Its reflective TFT technology means there is no need for backlighting, for a bright, high contrast viewing experience in business environments, and a longer lifetime. Thanks to these features, the STU-500 is the ideal signature pad for day-to-day use at public counters, allowing the reliable capture of millions of electronic signatures.

  • Product Dimensions 160 x 183 x 25 mm
  • Communication Interface USB (serial optional)
  • Power Supply via USB
  • Security Lock Slot No
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Screen Type TFT LCD, monochrome, reflective
  • Screen Size 5" diagonal
  • Screen Dimensions 100 x 77 m
  • Native Resolution 640 x 480
  • Reading Method Electromagnetic resonance (EMR)
  • Pen Pressure Levels 512
  • Sensor Resolution 2540 lpi
  • Coordinate Accuracy ± 0.5 mm (center)
  • Battery-free Pen Yes
  • Cordless Pen Yes
  • Report Rate 200 pps
  • Development Environments C++, .Net, and Java SDK/API available for developers

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