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Elektronische Unterschrift für Reservierungen und Gastanmeldung

Touristen, Kunden und Gäste begrüßen eine schnelle und einfache Möglichkeit einzuchecken, Reservierungen vorzunehmen und Mietverträge zu unterschreiben, während Ihr Unternehmen die Kostenersparnis durch papierlose Arbeitsabläufe schätzt.

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Going paperless reinforces your brand

You know how service quality reflects upon your brand image. This goes beyond simply meeting the expectations of your guests and customers, but rather, exceeding them. We believe the same is true when making the digital world feel more like the real world. Wacom pays close attention to how easy our devices are to use, how the pen feels, how the digital ink flows, how clear the text and ink are displayed on the screen, how nice the devices look on your counters or kiosks, and how long the system continues to perform and look like new. All of these factors go beyond the simple benefits of saving time and money by going paperless. They are about reinforcing your brand, as a quality service provider. Choosing Wacom signature pads and pen displays will convey that your company is environmentally conscious, appreciative of aesthetic design, and committed to excellent customer service.

Wacom has helped many hotels, rental car agencies, travel agencies, health clubs, and spas streamline their processes, reduce waiting times, save costs, and increase customer satisfaction in many areas.

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