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Öffentlicher Bereich

Wacom Stift-Eingabegeräte steigern die Effizienz von Behörden und öffentlichen Stellen

Elektronische Formulare und elektronische Unterschriften sparen dem Staat hohe Kosten und beschleunigen Prozesse. Durch das Arbeiten mit einem Stift direkt am Bildschirm können Leitstellen schneller reagieren.

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When tasked with recommending technical solutions to serve your citizens, you need a solution that is robust, durable, reliable, effective, and very easy to use. Wacom signature pads and pen displays are designed and built with these qualities as a priority. Our patented pen technology allows the pen to work on the screen just as an ink pen does on paper, so anyone can use them with no training. No batteries to ever wear out, no electrical cords on the pen to twist and break, and no plastic surface on the screen to get scratched from normal use. Wacom has been serving governments and public agencies for over 30 years. As a truly global company, we are well suited and equipped to meet your needs as a trusted provider of pen input devices, and we proudly stand behind the quality of our products.

If you have any questions about how Wacom might be able to help you with your public service project, please contact us.

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