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Turn your tablet into a paper notebook. Bamboo Paper helps you capture your thoughts and ideas. Taking notes, sketching and drawing is as straightforward and as simple as using a real pen and paper.

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Capture your natural handwriting

Sketch and write digitally in your own handwriting, thanks to a responsive inking experience that follows the movement of your hand.

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Enrich your notes with photos

Add photos and other images to your notes to better illustrate your ideas, or add notes or scribbles on top of your photos.

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Build a library of notebooks

Start your own library of notebooks (via in-app purchase) and add new ones at any time. You can organize your notebooks by subject or date and move or copy pages between them.

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Share from anywhere.

Access and share your notes from anywhere. With Bamboo Paper you can share pages on social networks and upload them to Dropbox or Evernote.

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Zoom in for detail.

Bamboo Paper is gesture enabled, so you can use the zoom function to draw in fine detail or fit more notes onto a page and also zoom out for the big picture.

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Enjoy high-resolution.

Experience sharp strokes, crisp contrasts and rich coloring thanks to high-resolution inking that takes full advantage of your iPad's retina display.

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Get featured on our website

Simply use the hashtag #bamboopaper when you share your art next time on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

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