Wacom feel IT technologies

Since ancient Egyptians began writing on papyrus scrolls over 5,000 years ago, pens and brushes have been the primary writing, drawing and painting tools used throughout human history.

Perhaps, it’s fair to say that the pen-on-paper experience is deeply ingrained in human DNA. But as the mobile multimedia landscape evolves and avenues of social communication diversify, our instincts still tell us to use simple, stress-free, intuitive, human-friendly user interfaces like pen on paper.

This is where Wacom feel IT technologies come in. Wacom feel IT technologies are intuitive and natural user interface solutions derived from the wealth of pen input expertise accumulated through Wacom’s long history of meeting and exceeding the demanding requirements of creative professionals and artists.

Developed with on-the-go mobile usage in mind, Wacom feel IT technologies take the form of components as the key building blocks embedded in smartphones and PC devices.

How Wacom feel IT technologies Work

1. Pen & Multi-Touch Screen

Pen-capable PCs and smartphones enabled with Wacom feel IT technologies come with pen and/or multi-touch components. This makes navigating on the desktop interface easier, and allows for writing, drawing, sketching and document annotation experiences that feel just like using paper and pen.

2. Sensor Board

Beneath the screen of a smartphone or PC is a Wacom-supplied Sensor Board that interacts with the pen at a very high frequency and processes data such as pen position and writing pressure accurately and instantaneously. Thanks to Electromagnetic Resonance or EMR®, the pen does not need a battery like most other manufacturer’s products, allowing the pen to remain light, compact, and easy to handle.

3. Controller IC

Also beneath the screen is the Controller IC by Wacom, which processes data from the Sensor Board and transmits it to the system motherboard of the smartphone or PC. The Controller IC capable of handling pen and multi-touch can process both data at the same time and achieves seamless alternation between pen and multi-touch inputs.

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