Enjoy the comfort of a full-size pen and the portability of a compact one, in a single stylus.

Capture your thoughts and ideas on digital paper in your own handwriting—take notes, doodle, jot down lists and more.


Draw, write or scribble on photos right from your smart phone and create fun visual messages you can share with friends.

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Weight (g)


Size (mm)

90 to 118 no cap 94 to 122 including cap, excluding strap and jack plug Length

12 Diameter

Pen Nib

Exchangeable, slim rubber nib, 6mm diameter, see accessories for soft and firm replacement nibs


Compatible with devices using capacitive touch screen technology.

bamboo Stylus Firm nibs

Bamboo Stylus Soft Nibs

These standard, soft replacement nibs easily attach to your Bamboo Stylus. Each package includes three nibs.

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