Bamboo Loop

Bamboo Loop makes messaging visual, beautiful and fun. You can say more with personalized cards that are created and exchanged directly within the app. Share moments or notes with friends that are not only different, but uniquely you. Start a loop and you will make someone smile!

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Add character
to your message

Put a touch of personality and flair to your message by choosing from a variety of styles and realistic inking tools. Just swipe through the options and pick the style that suits the mood you are in. You can add more styles from our Style gallery. 

Create visual directions.

Make a map on top of any photo that you can send to family and friends to show them the way. 


Replying to a card that you received is simple and visual, too! Just write or scribble on the card sent to you – and loop it back with a swipe. Or you can send a smile back to show your appreciation. 

Capture the moment.

Create the perfect message for any kind of moment using just your phone’s camera and set of easy-to-use drawing tools.

Express yourself, visually.

Enhance your messages by drawing, writing or just scribbling on top of photos and amplify what you have to say.

Share or post

With Bamboo Loop you can either share your moment with people close to you directly within the app or let a group of friends see your Loop card on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

No previous experience required.

Bamboo Loop puts the power of your creativity at your fingertips, with no professional skills required. Thanks to its small selection of very high-quality tools, anyone can easily create and share fun visual messages directly on a smart phone.

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 Simply use the hashtag #bambooloop when you share your art next time on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. 

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