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Intuos Creative Stylus 2

Get started with your Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2.

Your new iPad stylus gives you natural creativity and smoothness whenever you need it, wherever you are. All your favorite pens and brushes in one ergonomically designed tool. Inspiration is out there. It's time to go find it. Here’s where to learn how to set up your stylus and pair it with some great apps.

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First, charge up your stylus.

IntuosCreativeStylus2GS plug

Plug in your stylus (USB)

IntuosCreativeStylus2GS chargetime

Charge for 2 hours

IntuosCreativeStylus2GS Battery

Rechargeable battery lasts up to 26 hours

Then, check if a firmware update is available for your stylus.

To ensure your stylus performs well, we have an easy to use app for your iPad. It helps you check and update the firmware of your stylus.

Wacom Stylus Update App Icon 100x100

  • Palm-Rejection
  • Pressure-Sensitivity
  • Shortcut-Functionality

이제 스타일러스를 앱과 페어링합니다.

1. iPad 설정을 엽니다.

2. Bluetooth 활성화.

3. 팜 리젝션을 최적화하고 연결을 안정적으로 하기 위해 "일반" 설정에서 "멀티태스킹 제스처"를 끕니다.

4. 호환 앱을 실행하세요.

5. 앱 설정으로 가서 스타일러스 지원 기능을 활성화하세요.

6. 스타일러스의 사이드 스위치를 누릅니다. 그럼 파란색 조명이 깜박이기 시작합니다. 페어링이 완료되면 LED 조명이 2초 동안 균일하게 켜집니다.

7. 다른 앱과 페어링하는 경우 4~6단계를 반복하세요

Intuos Creative Stylus와 Bamboo Paper 앱을 페어링하면 보너스 크리에이티브 팩의 잠금이 해제됩니다.

wacom dropzone f

dropzone icon cg


Easily copy & paste images between apps & devices.
Dropzone enables you to have your images everywhere, on your tablet or desktop computer. On Mac OS, Windows and iOS.

Learn more

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자주 묻는 질문

The LED lights give you the status of your stylus, informing you about pairing, connecting or a low battery. There are two colors, blue and red, and the lights can either be solid or blink. Here is an overview of what this means in detail:

  • Blinking blue light = Stylus is ready to connect with the app
  • Blue light solid for two seconds = Stylus is connected with the app
  • Blinking red light = Low battery
  • Red light solid = Battery is recharging
  • Blue light remains on = Stylus is connected with the app (Fineline 2)
Please disable Multitasking Gestures on your iPad in Settings/General.
When a display supports pen input and touch, palm rejection allows you to rest your palm comfortably on the iPad screen while using the stylus. Without this feature, your palm would leave stray marks on the digital paper in an app. Please note that this feature requires support by the respective app.
There is a tool that will help you to get the nib out of the stylus more easily. To replace the nib, please open the stylus case first. There is a small metal-framed hole in the bottom of the case. Plug the pen tip into this hole, tilt the stylus slightly to the side and pull: the nib will come off easily.
As only supported apps have the ability to properly correct this gap, please make sure that you are using a supported app. If you use non-supported apps, you can minimize this effect by holding the stylus in a more vertical way.
The Intuos Creative Stylus 2 integrates Wacom’s industry-leading pressure sensitive technology and can distinguish between 2048 pressure levels. Please note that this is a feature that requires special support in apps.
The side switch works as a shortcut button. In most apps, you can select from a range of functions and assign one to the side switch: e.g., in Bamboo Paper, you can choose between eraser, undo, redo and full screen.
When the battery capacity of the Bamboo Stylus fineline reaches 10%, the LED starts to blink red and you will need to recharge. To do so, remove the cap at the top end of the stylus, insert the USB cable (included in the sales box) and connect it to a computer or USB charger. It takes about one hour to recharge to 80% capacity. To reach 100% capacity, you need about two hours of recharging.
His name is Arnold Pander, an artist and creative media consultant based in Los Angeles and Portland.
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