Signature Set

Plug & Play eSignatur-Lösungen für Unternehmen

Signature Set umfasst ein Wacom Unterschriften-Pad oder Stift-Display sowie die Software Wacom sign pro PDF und stellt damit eine papierlose Standardlösung dar

If you are seeking to improve customer-facing transaction processes, then consider a Wacom Signature Set to get started easily.

This set delivers an affordable and efficient way to integrate electronic handwritten signatures into a business's daily workflow. It is easy to connect to Windows®-based personal computers. Additionally, each signature pad or display is able to capture the static and biometric signals of individual signatures, providing an effective defense against fraud.

Signature set provides an immediate ROI by modernizing the signature capture process, making it easy for businesses to add secure electronic signatures to any PDF document. By eliminating the need to print, scan and store documents, signature set produces tangible results in terms of time and cost savings, not to mention the ease-of-use, security and speedy performance benefits it gives to both employees and customers.

Signatures set bundles are available in multiple configurations to meet your needs.

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