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Secure your authorship and manage your digital rights using Wacom Yuify. Use Wacom Yuify to embed an invisible Micromark into your digital artwork before sharing your content. This establishes a robust link from your artwork to your creation record in Yuify. Whether you're a professional artist, designer, or creative enthusiast, Yuify empowers you to protect your creative assets with ease and confidence.

*Available for selected creative software

Wacom Yuify [ ̍ʝ uː i . f a i ] is a service that keeps your photography and other 2D artworks yours. It helps to prove your authorship with secure records and provides a hassle-free licensing tool.

Wacom Yuify lights up your artwork for all to see, illuminating the records of you, the creator. After all, the only thing as unique as you is your art.


Our advanced micromarking technology embeds an invisible, unique digital ID into each piece of artwork. This micromark helps trace back your creations to you and helps prevent unauthorised use. Through the robust micromark, your content can be identified even if they are tampered with or used without your consent.

Digital Link

Thanks to the micromark, anyone can scan your digital artwork with our Yuifinder tool to be directed to the authorship record and its details in Yuify. Manage everything you want to share about your artwork directly within Wacom Yuify. Convey your story and motivations to others, make a lasting impression.

Simplified Licensing

Create and manage licenses effortlessly, set terms and permissions for your work, and facilitate secure collaborations with confidence. Yuify streamlines the process of licensing and managing usage rights. You can now effortlessly sign licenses with other artists and clients with whom you want to share and collaborate with on your digital content, directly through the Yuify service application.

* We're sorry but, Yuify Licensing is only available in selected regions and may require additional agreements for specific cases not covered by the License Builder.”


Wacom Yuify plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop®

Yuify is available as an independent plug-in that should be installed separately.

Wacom Yuify is available for Clip Studio Paint

Wacom Yuify ist mit der Testversion von Rebelle 6 verfügbar

Escape Motions Rebelle ist eine hyperrealistische Malsoftware mit Öl, Aquarell, Acryl und anderen nassen und trockenen Medien.

Start using Yuify

Join the community and share your story! Claim authorship, safeguard your digital creations and establish secure license agreements. We are continuously developing Wacom Yuify and striving to enhance its features to better meet your needs.

How does it work? Yuify technology explained


Wacom Yuify's invisible watermarking or micro-marking is a proprietary technology* developed and patented by Wacom. It injects invisible pixels into your exports that you want to publish for your photo or digital artwork. The image remains unchanged while Wacom Yuify creates a permanent link establishing you as the creator and enables people to find the record of the artwork that can be traced back to you.

 * we are constantly improving the robustness of the technology during beta phase

Permanent records

Authorship records in Yuify are immutable. The service utilizes decentralized identifiers to make proof-of-authorship not just convenient but also secure. We are using blockchain technology to secure your records permanently.

Authorship discovery

Yuifinder is a public tool that can be used by anyone. Just drag and drop an artwork and if there is a Yuify record for that artwork, then it will reveal the record of the artwork along with additional details provided by the creator.*

 * we are constantly improving the robustness of the technology during beta phase

License Builder

Yuify provides you with an easy to use License Builder tool that helps you setting up license terms within minutes that are tailored to your needs. You licenses any partner or collaborator and ask them to sign the license agreement enitrely Yuify. These license agreements are permanently recorded and  enforceable against unauthorized use.

AI and Yuify

Wacom Yuify cannot protect an artwork from being scrapped by AI tools, yet*. But with the help of a Yuify record, your artwork has proof that it is human-made. It acts as a stamp of creation from an author and also establishes a direct link between the artist and their content.


* we are constantly improving the robustness of the technology during beta phase

Wacom hardware

You do not need to work on a Wacom to use the Wacom Yuify service. Using a Wacom pen enabled device for authentication by signature will speed up your workflow in authorising permanent transactions and signing your licenses.

Putting artists in control of their creations

Wacom Yuify is not a marketplace enforcing artists to follow specific legal and financial terms and conditions. Wacom Yuify is an effective digital rights management tool for artists. Yuify records are permanent and provides artists with the means to license their content direcltly, without the involvement of third party. Think of Yuify like a peer-to-peer platform where artists are absolutely free to provide usage and development rights to their content as they feel.

Wacom Yuify is part of the Creative Rights Initiative (CRI) aiming to help artists protect and maximize the value of their creations. CRI is established by Wacom in partnership with leading technology companies, academics, startups and creative professionals.

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