"There is a story behind every image: your story."

Guy Shield, Storytelling Illustrator

Guy Shield’s passions are storytelling, scenic illustrations, and engaging color palettes

Melbourne-based storyteller and illustrator Guy Shield has a background in design and an obsession with drawing. Growing up in Australia, Guy taught himself how to draw by littering the pages of his schoolbooks with the depths of his imagination, hoping one day his talents would not only find him fame and fortune but also distract women from the fact that he was really bad at sports. Though neither truly prevailed, Guy did develop an undying love for image making and a successful career in publishing and illustration, creating cover illustrations for renowned magazines such as “Kill Your Darlings”, among others. The artist works mostly in pen and ink before moving to his Wacom tools, carefully crafting scenes that provoke intrigue and familiarity through formal compositions and engaging color palettes.

Line art: Guy Shield invites you into his world of storytelling, illustration, and engaging color palettes

In this amazing three-piece tutorial, renowned storyteller and illustrator Guy Shield gives you exclusive insights about how to perfect a piece of art in Photoshop, using your imagination, color palettes and a few tips and tricks on the way. Taking his line art as an example, you will learn everything there is to know about preparing line art for digital coloring in Photoshop, how to add color to the composition. Guy Shield knows how to control artwork and how to add stunning light effects to your piece. Dive into his clever and fun eBooks and come out inspired to create more.

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