"To find your style is not to find and create something others like, but something that brings meaning, satisfaction and fulfillment."

Natalie Shau, Digital Photo Artist

Natalie Shau relishes a mix of folklore and surrealism to create captivating gothic art

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, photographer and digital photo artist Natalie Shau has developed a deep interest in fashion and portrait photography. Coupled with techniques in digital photo-manipulation and retouching, Natalie creates photography and artwork for musicians, theaters, fashion magazines, advertising and writers, even working as an art director for a short 3D movie inside the Kamel Ouali musical "Dracula".

In her work, Natalie frequently combines modern and historical elements to create what can be described as gothic art portraiture dripping in surrealism – sometimes she even models for her own artworks.

Natalie's creations have been featured in many art publications, including “Hi Fructose”, “New York Arts”, "Juxtapoz" and “Computer Arts” magazines, and have been viewed by thousands of people in exhibitions in the USA, France, Italy, Germany and Japan.

Infuse portraits with fantasy: Natalie Shau shows you how to edit photos to create mysterious masterpieces

Real or surreal? In this exclusive step-by-step photo-manipulation tutorial, Natalie Shau transforms a self-portrait into a fascinatingly surreal piece of dark art. Follow the Lithuanian photographer and digital media artist into her world of mysticism: Learn how to edit photos to give a human figure harpy features, let dark branches glow with magic, and create artwork that will captivate you with its intensity - all with the help of Photoshop, a Wacom tablet and just a few clicks. Use this eBook as a source of inspiration, to improve your workflow as an artist, and to create more.

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