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Serving Citizens Without Paper

Digital workflows for serving the public are rapidly replacing unnecessary paperwork. Using electronic signatures and forms saves time and money.

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Wacom signature pads and pen displays in the public sector are used to complete and sign electronic forms. Filling out a complaint form, applying for a new passport or driver's license, and many other documents often involves signing. A modern, digital process, eliminates the need for scanning, uses up little counter space, and allows documents to be found quickly when needed. The new, electronic document process saves time, which results in shorter wait times for citizens and more time for staff to provide valuable services. Departments and agencies save money, such as paper, ink, and can often eliminate printers and supplies completely. Electronic handwritten signatures are also an accepted part of several formal documents like passports, ID cards, and access cards. Wacom signature pads are used to capture handwritten signatures with high resolution and can include biometric profiles embedded in the signature data for enhanced fraud prevention in passports and IDs. Wacom signature pads are used widely at registration offices, law enforcement departments, and other authorities around the world.

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Benefits of an Electronic Signature System for Use in Public Sector Environments

  • Increase efficiencies in filling out, signing and approving forms and documents
  • Perform signature authentication quickly and securely
  • Capture signatures for ID cards and passports without scanning
  • Reduce waiting times and serve more citizens per day
  • Have more time for quality citizen service
  • Eliminate costs related to printing, storing, archiving, retrieving, and transporting paper

Recommended Products for eForms and eSignature


5” 800 x 480 color LCD signature pad


10.1” 1920 x 1080 color LCD pen display

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