Yoshifumi Tara

Aesthetic Scientist, Artist, Designer, Education Research Assistant in the Department of Design, Tokyo University of the Arts

In his research, Yoshifumi Tara explores exciting experiences that spark curiosity. With his unique view as an artist/designer, he creates products and works of art using a scientific approach and new materials as well as special techniques. He aims to rediscover the charm of everyday life with ideas that offer new perspectives. He won the Silver Prize and the Shibuya Area Management Prize at the 20th CS Design Awards (Category: Students) in 2019. His activities and works include his award-winning design of a temporary enclosure for a construction site installed in Shibuya in 2020, participation in Rokko Meets Art 2020, and an exhibition at the Mt. Rokko Visitor Center in 2022. He was also awarded the Yugo Nakamura Prize in the 15th SHACHIHATA New Product Design Competition.