Wacom for capturing ideas


Sometimes words are not enough. Why not leaving them behind? Grab your Bamboo™ Stylus and sketch down what's in your head. It feels natural and looks great.

Free your imagination

Communication is so much more than just words. With your Bamboo Stylus you can unleash your inspiration any way you want – whether you draw down a small route map for your guests, personalize a photo with a little doodle or you want to sketch down an idea on how to re-arrange your furniture. Your Bamboo Stylus turns every touch screen into a digital notepad for smooth doodling – stunningly easy.

Enjoy double doodling fun

A Bamboo Duo has two sides – one for touch screen and one for paper. That allows you to smoothly sketch down anything you like anywhere you are in your personal style. Doodling an idea is often much easier than trying to explain everything in words. A Bamboo Stylus eases and accelerates your communication giving you both more digital doodling fun on your digital notepad and more sketching fun with your paper note book.

The difference
in the detail

Your Bamboo Sketch provides finely nuanced handwriting on your iPad, which makes it a great tool for doodling too. Follow your inspiration and effortlessly sketch down what's in your mind – whether it's a rather artistic idea, a pie chart for a presentation or a tentative draft for a new machine. Experience digital doodling that precisely looks and feels like pen on paper.

Wacom products for doodling

Choose up to 4 products

Bamboo Tip

A fine-tip stylus that gives you fidelity when taking notes exactly as you want on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Bamboo Duo

An essential two-in-one stylus perfect for those who want to smoothly tap, write or draw on all touchscreens and paper.

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