Wacom for drawing

Accomplished with Wacom in hand

Saving time without sacrificing precision, control, and artistic integrity. This is what drives illustrators and fine artists to Wacom. Your creative software is already optimized with built-in pressure-sensitive features, so you can sketch, draw, paint, and composite with natural and intuitive control.

Draw, paint, and navigate faster

Drawing and painting with digital tools offers a variety of choices and opportunities compared to traditional media. You can quickly choose your canvas size, create multiple layers, and add color and light enhancements, using the eraser to easily correct mistakes or blemishes. With pressure-sensitive features already built into many of Adobe's® software titles, you can work faster, grabbing your favorite brush tool to paint and control line-width and opacity based on the amount of pressure you apply to your tablet. Your software also takes advantage of multi-touch gestures, so you can navigate easily and directly on your digital canvas for a more customized workflow.

Bringing "style" back to illustration and fine art

In both Adobe® Photoshop® and Illustrator® you can quickly produce your designs, using the pressure-sensitive features found in Adobe pencil and brush tools. With your Intuos pen tablet or pen display, you can express your line-width and opacity as you see fit, with subtle variations depending on how hard you press the pen to the surface. Once you're ready to refine and add detail to your lines, you can zoom in to dig deep to smooth out edges.

When working in Adobe Photoshop with its powerful brush engine, you can add color to your freeform shapes and stylized looks with custom brushes. Gain intuitive control to paint thicker, fatter outlines and move to thinner, more subtle lines as you fill in composition with the paintbrush and blob brush. Paint freely in select areas, without affecting the rest of your image.

Get your hands on your work

With the introduction of multi-touch support in Adobe Photoshop, as well as in Adobe Illustrator, you can now work with both of your hands. Use the Wacom pen in one hand to draw, paint, and sketch, while you zoom in, pan and rotate your canvas with the other. Wacom brings a new tactile experience to digital art!

Convenient shortcuts to your favorite tools

With the ExpressKeys™, touch strips, and application-specific settings on a Wacom pen tablet or pen display, you can customize convenient shortcuts to quickly get you to the tools you use hundreds of times a day, no matter what software you're using. Spend less time navigating multiple brush, pencil, and color menus when you need to switch tools. Now you can enjoy a more productive and streamlined workflow that lets you stay in the creative flow, with your eyes on the screen and the pen in your hand.

Wacom products for professional illustration

Choose up to 4 products

Wacom Cintiq Pro 16

An ultra high-definition pen display with multi-touch capabilities designed for creative professionals.

Cintiq 27 QHD Touch

A high-definition pen display with multi-touch capabilities designed for creative professionals.

Cintiq 27 QHD

A high-definition pen display designed for creative professionals.

Wacom Intuos Pro Paper

A professional pen tablet with added paper-to-digital functionality available in medium and large sizes

Wacom Intuos Pro

A professional pen tablet with multi-touch capabilities available in small, medium and large sizes

Bamboo Ink

A smart stylus for writing, note-taking and annotating, for Windows Ink.

Bamboo Ink Plus

A smart stylus for annotating, drawing and sketching, for Windows Ink.

Wacom One (Gen. 1)

A high definition creative pen display designed for creative hobbyists and visual thinkers

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