18. Nov 2022
5:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Digital Stationery Consortium: The evolution of writing and drawing with analog and digital ink

Diversity | Education | Technology
Duration: 30 min
Original language: Japanese
Simultaneous interpretation: Yes
Subtitles: No
Session type: paneldiscussion

Join the panel discussion with our DSC members E Ink, Fujitsu, Montblanc, Samsung and Wacom. The panelists will be discussing the co-existence of analog and digital ink.

Do the worlds of analog and digital ink complement and interact with each other – even go hand in hand? What motivates people to use ink in daily life, whether analog or digital? We want to dive into the diversity of ink behaviors and see how analog ink influences and inspires our digital world! From the roots of Japanese calligraphy, we will see the evolution from analog to digital.