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For medical professionals who spend a lot of their time reading images and contouring regions of interest using a mouse find the process tedious, cumbersome, inaccurate, and fatiguing. This is largely due to the indirect action of the mouse. To control a mouse for long periods of precise movement requires a large amount of concentration. The mouse was not designed for such tasks. For example, have you ever tried to draw with a mouse? It is incredibly awkward. A pen, however, is a natural tool for such movements. The direct action of the pen on the screen is much more precise and much quicker than the indirect action of the mouse. Using a Wacom pen display for contouring structures of an image is just like tracing. It allows you to work for hours with very accurate results but without the fatigue of using a mouse.

The adjustable stand of the large Wacom pen displays allow you to find a comfortable working angle, and you can rest your hands and arms on the screen while working with the pen for even greater comfort. The driver software that comes with all Wacom pen displays make the pen work with any application your mouse does, so the pen-on-screen benefits are truly plug-and-play.

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Benefits of a Pen Display for Medical Imaging Systems

  • Improve precision and accuracy while contouring with the pen on the screen for better treatment
  • Faster contouring and image analysis allows doctors to have more time for patients
  • Reduce fatigue associated with contouring with a mouse
  • Improve ergonomic comfort by adjusting tilt angle of the Wacom screen while working
  • Enhance effectiveness of lectures and communication by drawing and writing on images
  • Works with any software that can be controlled with a mouse
  • Easily connects to any workstation, PC, or Laptop computer
  • Quickly cine and scroll through image slices with ExpressKeys and touch features (on select models of Wacom pen displays)

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