What has Wacom done to address pen nib wear?

To address the nib wear that some customers previously reported, we introduced a new active area surface overlay with Intuos4 in January 2010. Intuos Pro has this same proven overlay sheet.  When Intuos4 had originally been introduced in 2008 some customers told us that their pen nibs were wearing faster than expected when compared to previous versions of the Intuos pen tablets. This active area surface sheet is also available as an accessory for Intuos4 at
As with traditional media such as pencil, charcoal, and pastels, any tool or pen used on a textured surface will wear after continuous use, including the Intuos nibs. This is normal as the nib is intentionally designed to be softer than the surface sheet to avoid wear on the sheets. This wear occurs faster or slower depending on the smoothness of the surface, hours of usage, the type of nib and the amount of pressure applied when used.

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