"I enjoy the infinite possibilities that arise from combining different materials!"

Koji Yoda, Art Director

Koji Yoda finds endless inspiration as a collage artist

Art director and graphic designer Koji Yoda is best known for his album cover art of popular Japanese rock bands, such as DIR EN GREY, the GazettE, or his work for the first album of the rock-sensation: BABYMETAL. Born to a family of artists, Koji was inspired early on by his family members to express himself by combining different materials in a surreal, artistic way. 

The collage artist creates unique worlds by overlaying characters, plants and trees, as well as paint textures and other interesting materials. Koji Yoda draws his creative inspiration from novels and music, and enjoys the evolutional process that naturally brings new creative ideas. A complete collecting of his CD and DVD cover art can be found on his portfolio on Rokushiki.jp.

Koji Yoda engrosses himself in the collage-making process, loving the natural feel of the process.

In this advanced step-by-step tutorial, Art Director Koji Yoda explains how to make collages, along with his secrets for expressing feelings and stories, by combining real world materials on a digital canvas, using his Intuos Pro. Koji has developed a special process to create his collages; He first elaborates his ideas while interpreting, dismantling, and constructing the motif of his artwork. He then gathers and creates his own materials while considering the methods to put the idea into form. Once gathered, he arranges and overlaps all materials to further develop the image. Koji believes that continuous changes to the overall layout are the real joy of collage.

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