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Field Service

eSignatures for Approvals, Authorizations, and Acknowledgements

Get your customer authorizations upfront to avoid costly rework and to ensure your customer's expectations are met with their signature after the service has been performed.

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Eliminating paper-based workflows for field service use makes a lot of sense. Laptop computers and tablets provide the mobile platform and wireless internet access to retrieve work orders and confirm when the customer is satisfied. Adding electronic handwritten signatures capture to this digital information delivers a truly paperless workflow that is ideal for your field service agents and technicians. Your service organization gains record-tracking efficiencies and you can collect real time data on duration and completion of work, to optimize your resources, improve scheduling performance, and accelerate the invoicing process.

Capturing electronic handwritten signatures is simple and easy with a Wacom signature pad as they easily attach to your laptop PC, plus they are small and extremely reliable.

For even greater mobility, consider a Wacom Cintiq Companion with built-in electronic pen capability, as a replacement for your current field computers or tablets.

To turn your iPad into a secure signature capture device, add a high-performance Wacom electronic stylus such as the Bamboo Fineline or Intuos Creative Stylus.

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Benefits of an Electronic Signature System for Field Service

  • Easily captures consent and approval prior to start of service
  • Collects proof of services rendered
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Save costs related to paper processing, scanning, archiving, storing, and transporting
  • Improve information availability by maintaining all documents electronically
  • Eliminates document loss
  • Reinforces your brand reputation as a digital innovator which is environmentally aware

Recommended Products for Field Service


5” 800 x 480 color LCD signature pad


10.1” 1920 x 1080 color LCD pen display

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