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Early creative education

Open the world of creativity to young learners by introducing them to digital painting and drawing with our Intuos tablets and Bamboo Stylus products.

There is creativity in everyone and Wacom’s goal is to encourage students to explore their creativity. Activities like drawing and painting let students express themselves creatively and explore new subjects and ideas. They also contribute to their overall development. For young students of all abilities, the focus is on encouraging them and helping them find their voice. It is about giving them an avenue to communicate – to share their ideas and visions of the world around them with others. Wacom Intuos tablets and Bamboo stylus products, combined with the right software, can help students unlock their imagination.

The flow of a pencil, pen or brush supports the spontaneity and free flow ideas students have when they create. But today's students are also digital natives, who expect to use technology. Wacom helps connect the feel of traditional art tools – like pencils, pens and brushes – with today’s technology. Getting started can be as simple as connecting an Intuos drawing tablets your Mac or PC or using one of our Bamboo stylus products on an iPad or other mobile device.

If you are looking to combine creative arts – like digital art and painting – into your other curriculum as part of an art-enhanced program, Wacom is here to help you.


  • There is no paper and no limitation on the size of the canvas. Students can create as many works of art as their imagination allows.
  • Creating with a Wacom pen feels natural, like drawing with pencils, pens or brushes.
  • Students are free to create without concerns for "mistakes". Unlike inks and paints on paper, digital creation allows students to undo something they don't like.
  • Digital media can replicate different brushes, materials and surfaces and support different effects, so students can truly create what they see in their mind.
  • Engaging in creative activities, like art, fosters improved overall academic performance by students.

Wacom products for early creative education

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