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Even in our digital age, people often prefer to conduct key transactions in-person and sign on the line to confirm their commitment – especially when it comes to important decisions like medical consent or mortgages. But organizations still want the efficiency benefits of digital processes. Wacom solutions for business, education and healthcare bridge this human/digital divide.

We work with a wide range of technology vendors and implementation partners to integrate support for Wacom hardware and add platform-independent digital ink functionality into their document workflow solutions. Plus, partners get the flexibility they need to create customized functionality and applications for industry-specific use cases.

    Our Partner Solution Offering

    The key elements of these solutions include:

  • Wacom’s proven, reliable and low-maintenance signature pads, pen displays and smartpads that deliver the most familiar electronic handwriting experience for in-person transactions.
  • Developer tools that leverage the Wacom Ink Layer Language (WILL™) technology platform to enable the consistent capture and display of electronic handwritten signatures, notes and other annotations. The toolset also includes all the drivers and support developers need for a successful project.
  • The sign pro PDF family of software (app, API and plug-in) that enables out-of-the-box support for electronic signatures within PDF documents.

  • Universal Partner Benefits

    Here’s how you can benefit by working with Wacom:

  • Build new revenue streams based on digitizing paper document workflows that require in-person interaction.
  • Enhance your customers’ document workflows with tailored solutions for electronic signature capture, form-filling and annotation that give them the process efficiency they demand, while preserving a familiar user experience.
  • Leverage the brand power of Wacom’s market-leading digital pens, signature pads, smartpads and pen display products.
  • Differentiate your solutions by creating innovative digital ink applications.
  • Develop applications once for multiple technology platforms and devices.
  • Include biometric signatures as part of a multi-factor authentication process.
  • Straightforward integration that accelerates time-to-market for your in-person electronic signature solutions.
  • Regional and global support resources

  • With demand for pen-enabled devices booming, and latent demand for digital ink applications building, now is the right time to become a Wacom partner.

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