16. Nov 2022
2:00 AM - 3:30 AM

Art and the Neurodivergent Mind: a discussion with North Pole Studio

Art | Design | Diversity | Education | Philosophy
Duration: 90 min
Original language: English
Simultaneous interpretation: No
Subtitles: No
Session type: paneldiscussion
Sorry! This session has ended. Check back later for a recording of the session.

Portland is home to many creative studios and organizations that support the arts, but there are only a handful that speak to the importance and power of art for the neurodivergent community. Join us on November 15th while we listen and learn from some of the artists, educators, and founders of North Pole Studio. 

About North Pole Studio:

The North Pole Studio supports careers in the arts and exists to increase opportunities for artists with autism and intellectual / developmental disabilities to thrive as active members of the arts community. We foster self-determination and facilitate meaningful connections through total engagement in the arts.

North Pole Studio believes that a collective understanding of diverse human experiences is foundational to a vibrant and whole community. In our space at NW Portland, we work to bridge the long-standing access barriers that separate artists with disabilities from the arts community.