"Kids have a powerful imagination, they deserve powerful images."

Alberto Montt, Graphic designer, illustrator, comic books, and cartoons

Alberto Montt skillfully turns pop culture stereotypes upside down via comic illustration

Chilean illustrator, graphic designer and cartoonist Alberto Montt has illustrated more than 40 children's books and comic books, and he is working regularly in advertising and marketing. His celebrated blog “Dosis Diarias” ("Daily Dose") was awarded the “Best Blog in Spanish” by the German broadcast network Deutsche Welle in 2011. His cartoons and illustrations have been published in ten volumes across Latin America and Spain and appear regularly in newspapers and magazines around the world. “Daily Dose” receives over 120,000 unique visits per day.

Alberto Montt has published several books on different subjects, including his very first graphic novel: "Achiote", a collection of autobiographical anecdotes. His illustrations of the epic poem “La Araucana” were selected for the IBBY Honour List (IBBY: International Board on Books for Young People), receiving numerous literary accolades. This year, the artist will launch a limited edition line of sneakers in collaboration with Puma.

Illustrator Alberto Montt loves the simplicity of digital tools. Learn how he combines Illustrator and Photoshop to create a character.

"Keep it fun and the logic simple" is Alberto Montt’s creed. In the first of his two profound tutorials, the celebrated Chilean illustrator demonstrates how to use Photoshop and combine it with Illustrator to take advantage of the most powerful tools of each program. Follow Alberto Montt into the second tutorial to learn how he creates a simple cartoon character using digital construction paper in Illustrator. Cutting up pieces of digital paper and moving them around, he builds his memorable characters. As the artist uses only a small group of tools for most of his work, this tutorial focuses on the Pencil, Pen, Shape Builder and Knife tools. Illustrating will never be the same.

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