18. Nov 2022
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Call & Response Vol.5 Creative Communications with Artists who Love Being Different

Art | Concept Art | Philosophy
Duration: 60 min
Original language: Japanese
Simultaneous interpretation: Yes
Subtitles: No
Session type: performance

Call & Response is an experimental project in cooperation with HERALBONY. See how artist respond with exciting new expressions in response (RESPONSE) to an input (CALL) by unique artists from HERABONY on the Connected Ink stage. Creative passions shared by all performers and artists shatter our pre-conceived perceptions of what is means to be disabled and able-bodied. This year, the stage performance features artists from Jinenjyo Club creating new expressions as their CALL, representing all artists who love being different. To bring a breath of fresh air to the project, junior high school students are participating for the first time as creators on the side of the responding artists.