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Communicate visually with a Wacom pen display

Improve audience interest and communicate more effectively by using a Wacom pen to mark-up and annotate your presentations and training materials.

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Wacom's family of interactive pen displays is extremely easy to use because you write or draw with an electronic pen directly on the screen. Draw on top of whatever you are viewing on the Wacom display but with all the ease of writing on paper. When connected to a projector or other large monitor, your ideas and information can be shared with a large audience, or even shared over your network.

To demonstrate how a Wacom pen display can be used in a corporate meeting room or training room, imagine that you are presenting a monthly report, using your laptop, a Wacom pen display, a projector, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Firstly, the pen performs all mouse functions, so you can move the cursor and click just by moving the pen over the surface of the screen. This means that adding a Wacom pen display will make any software easier to use. Secondly, using the pen directly on the screen with the ink tool in PowerPoint, you can highlight key metrics, circle important percentages, and write down action items on the slides in realtime. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so by drawing simple diagrams, arrows and circles, you have instantly turned your presentation into an interactive working session. This encourages active listening and increased audience attention, thus improving the results of the meeting or training session.

Here is an example of interactive collaboration where engineers, project managers, and product managers in different locations review the latest bill of materials online while teleconferencing. They each use a Wacom pen display to view the data and each can provide their updates in turn, and they can each take control of the discussion by writing with the pen directly on the screen to highlight issues and make recommendations that everyone can see quickly and easily.

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Benefits of presenting with a Wacom pen display

  • Engage your audience through interaction
  • Draw attention to your point
  • Face your audience at all times
  • Easy to use so you can focus on your content
  • Mark up and advance slides with a single pen
  • Works with any projector or direct view display
  • Pen controls the cursor in any application

Recommended Products for Meeting Rooms, Training Rooms, or Conference Rooms

DTK-2451 and DTH-2452

24” 1920 x 1080 Full HD and color LCD pen display


10.1” 1920 x 1080 color LCD pen display

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