The technology that fuels the world's most creative businesses

Whether sculpting characters for videos games or sketching, endless concepts for amazing consumer products, the world's creative enterprises have one thing in common. They rely on the power of Wacom's pen and display technology to amplify their craft.

Animation / Game Development

Epic Games & Wacom

See how Epic Games is pushing the game industry forward

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Tools to create and inspire

Epic Games - Concept artists tools of choice

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Empowering the game industry

How Rovio uses Wacom tools to power creativity

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Empowering Creative Vision

Essential tools for the animation industry

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Using Wacom for creating 3D

How Wacom tools enhance 3D software applications

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Animation with a legend

Eric Goldberg reflects on his colorful career

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Bringing 3D designs to life

Juan Carlos Cuadra sculpts in Zbrush on a Cintiq

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Warner Brothers Animation

Production Designer Paul Lasaine on the advantages of Digital

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Product Design

Uninhibited Creativity

Boosting industrial design productivity and quality

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Enriching the ID Process

Autodesk industrial designer demos his Wacom workflow

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Accelerating automotive design

Jesse Hahn uses Wacom to create coveted power sports vehicles.

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Innovative footewear design

Learn how Pensole Design Academy is using Wacom

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Honing the creative workflow

Artist Caroline Voss accelerates creative process with Wacom

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Drawing the world digitally

Illustrator Alberto Montt shares his inspriration

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Making digital art

Find out why professional artists choose Wacom

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Scenic storytelling with Wacom

Learn how illustrator Guy Shield applies technology to image making

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Digital Illustration

Illustrator Miss Led explores the scope of drawn and painted imagery in a digital workflow

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Motion Graphics / Video

Tools for motion graphics

Wacom plays a dominant role in the production of film and video

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Perfecting motion graphics

Designer Rober Hranitzky achieves flawless results with Wacom

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3D Creativity

Henk Dawson creates 3D Space Needle models

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Photo & Image Editing

Adding special effects to photos

Benjamin Von Wong engineers surreal art from photography

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Manipulating photos

Photographer Adrian Sommeling creates hyper-realistic images

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Innovating fashion photography

Photo artist Natalie Shau dresses up digital illustrations with Wacom

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Photography and post-processing

Travel photographer Elia Locardi talks workflow

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Comic / Manga

Creating caricatures on a Cintiq

MAD Magazine artist Tom Richmond relies on Wacom

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Crafting comic books

Lumberjanes comic artist Brooke A. Allen talks shop

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Behind the scenes with comic book creators

The renowned Pander Brothers share their story

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Graphic Arts

Streamline graphic design

Graphic artists exercise creative license with Wacom

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