18. Nov 2022
7:45 PM - 8:00 PM

Remains of a Dream

Concept Art | Philosophy
Duration: 15 min
Original language:
Simultaneous interpretation: Yes
Subtitles: No
Session type: performance

Imagine that you have a crush on a classmate. You’ve hardly ever had the chance to talk to them. Yet your eyes often meet with theirs. You think, “Every time I long for them in my mind during a lesson, they turn around and look at me. Isn’t it a sign that the feeling is mutual? Or do I possess the power of telepathy? I got all the answers right in our last multiple-choice test, didn’t I?”

When you are in love, you tend to daydream. Your brain is very inventive in conjuring up an image of a happy moment with your beloved. In your imagination, you can be a hero who rescues your love from an evil monster. The dream continues: now you’re fleeing from the enemy, hand-in-hand.

Do you feel like fleeing from a world full of social inequality, economic slumps, corrupt politics, and global environmental problems? It is a forbidden thought, but it’s tempting, and your imagination knows no limit.