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Doctors and Patients Benefit from Using Electronic Pen Devices

Improve your medical records efficiencies, patient communications, imaging workflow, and the registration and consent process by using a Wacom pen directly on the screen

Drawing, Writing, and Signing with an Electronic Pen is Easy for Anyone to Use

For many years, pen and paper has been the standard way for doctors and other medical professionals to update patient charts and to explain conditions, diagnosis, and treatments, with simple drawings and annotations. Using an electronic pen to draw and write directly on a Wacom screen is a natural way for medical professionals to enjoy all the benefits of electronic medical records, without changing how they prefer to communicate to patients. Wacom makes the digital world feel like the real world.

In addition to improving the use of electronic medical records and in helping doctors communicate to patients in a visual way, Wacom pen displays are also very valuable to medical imaging professionals. Due to the advantages of direct eye-hand coordination, using the pen directly on the screen of a Wacom pen displays allows professionals to operate their imaging software quickly and process many more diagnostic images in less time.

Patients also enjoy signing registration and consent forms with Wacom signature pads and pen displays because the electronic pen feels like a traditional ink pen. The patient can read important text on the screen, and they see the electronic ink on the screen appear as they sign their name. Hospitals and clinics who implement a paperless registration and consent process save time and costs associated with dramatically reducing paper.

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