"With my illustrations I want to create beauty that's arresting and captivatingly strong."

Miss Led, Watercolor Artist and Illustrator

Miss Led uses professional digital watercolor techniques to create beautiful images

Illustrator and watercolor artist Joanna Henly, aka Miss Led, lives and works in East London, United Kingdom. Obsessed with clean lines, curvature and arresting portraiture, she is perpetually exploring the scope of drawn and painted imagery. Her inspirations range through the Pre Raphaelites, Jamie Hewlett, Beardsley, fashion photography, Alexander McQueen and 90’s street art.

With international clients in publishing, design, advertising and new media, Miss Led has illustrated anything from book covers to advertising campaigns, covered walls in high-end boutiques and luxury properties, and painted live in front of thousands of people in events across Europe. Her canvases include cars, barges and even department store windows.

Clients range from Lufthansa Airlines and The National Trust to Ted Baker, Nike, Reebok, Diesel and Selfridges London. 
She has mastered paint and digital art and now offers you invaluable tutorials on creating professional imagery through her digital watercolor techniques, using her personal selection of Photoshop brushes.

Miss Led lets you in on her secret on how to create beautiful portraits by using professional watercolor Photoshop brushes

Not only is drawing a stunning portrait art, it is also technique. In her two-part eBook series, Miss Led takes you by the hand: Follow the London-based illustrator through this step-by-step Photoshop tutorial and create your own lovely portrait with graphite, using tracing paper for fine line work before moving on to coloring and refining the portrait with the help of Stylus and Photoshop brushes.

Catch a glimpse of Miss Led's everyday work process and learn how the artist goes about when creating her celebrated artwork. Use her eBooks as an invaluable guide to portraiture, to enhance your workflow as an artist, and as a treasure chest filled with tips on how to refine illustration digitally. Most of all: Use them to create more.

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