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Electronic handwritten signature for an enhanced customer experience

The human element is a key reason why your customers prefer to do their banking with you, in person. Many times, technology and automation can be cold and impersonal. This is not how it has to be.

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The human touch is preserved when choosing a Wacom electronic signature solution. The electronic pen experience from Wacom feels very much like traditional ink on paper, but with all the benefits of a paperless process. With all the time your staff will save on processing, printing, scanning, and retrieving paper, they will have much more time to serve your customers.

Once your institution begins capturing and storing electronic handwritten signatures to save paper, you can then implement a verification system to compare newly collected signatures to known reference signatures for even greater efficiencies.

Today nearly all kind of forms can be signed electronically: new account openings, credit and loan applications, and documents for financial products. Our small and reliable signature pads are an excellent choice for capturing electronic handwritten signatures at teller and counter locations. For many regions around the world, legislation is in place for these electronic handwritten signatures to be legally binding.

For a more immersive and intuitive experience, especially when completing digital forms, a Wacom pen display can also be used for writing, annotating, marking up, highlighting, and approving applications and agreements using the pen directly on the screen, as on paper. Customers can view the full document, as well as write on it and sign it.

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Benefits of an Electronic Signature System for Banks

  • Increase efficiencies in approving and authorizing customer transactions
  • Improve the speed and accuracy in accessing sensitive financial information
  • Perform signature authentication quickly and securely
  • Simplify the account opening process for customers
  • Can be used to significantly reduce the risk of fraud by implementing a verification system of electronic signatures using the biometric signature data captured by Wacom electronic pen devices
  • Reinforce the brand reputation of the bank as a digital innovator and an organization who is genuinely interested in protecting the customer against fraud
  • Reinforce the bank's commitment to excellent customer service and customer trust by presenting the customer with a high quality and extremely durable signature pad or pen display

Recommended Products for Banks


5” 800 x 480 color LCD signature pad


10.1” 1920 x 1080 color LCD pen display

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