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Early creative education

Open the world of creativity to young learners by introducing them to digital art and calligraphy. Wacom has solutions to help students learn to use technology to paint, draw and write.

There is creativity in everyone and Wacom’s goal is to encourage students to explore their creativity. Activities like drawing and painting let students express themselves creatively and explore new subjects and ideas. They also contribute to their overall development. For young students of all abilities, the focus is on encouraging them and helping them find their voice. It is about giving them an avenue to communicate – to share their ideas and visions of the world around them with others. Wacom can help students unlock their imagination. 

As the education reform continues to develop, schools are finding new ways to integrate technology throughout the curriculum, including art subjects like painting, drawing and calligraphy. With art continuing to be an important part of children’s education, it is important that teachers find effective ways to use technology as part of their art classes. 

Domestic middle and primary schools have been equipped with computer rooms are now used to support a wide range of academic subjects. These schools actually have the conditions necessary to develop digital art classes. You simply need to add Wacom tablets and proper and proper drawing and painting software to your computer rooms. Wacom helps connect the feel of traditional art tools – like pencils, pens and brushes – with today’s technology. 

To help schools develop and advance teaching of basic arts education (digital painting and drawing) and calligraphy, Wacom recommends our Digital Art Education Package. The Digital Art Education Package contains the following:

  • 10 Wacom tablets – the One tablet by Wacom (Each tablet includes three replaceable pen nibs and a nib removal tool.)
  • 11 tablet pens
  • Software CD and USB license key (Software is either Painting and Drawing or Calligraphy, depending on which package you select)
  • Teaching material CD and live training
  • Guide books 

Learn more about our solution packages below.

Digital Art Education Package Contents

Standard Hardware: One by Wacom tablet

The Digital Art Education Package includes the One by Wacom tablet. This drawing tablet connects directly to your computer and lets you write, draw and edit photos digitally, with the ease of using a pen.

  • Completely flat surface and ultra-thin design for maximum comfort.
  • Sleekly styled, black tablet with a working area up to 216mm x 135mm.
  • Cordless, battery-free pen supports 1024 levels of pressure.
  • Special 3-year limited product warranty for education users.

Optional Hardware: Interactive Pen Displays

Wacom offers additional products that make painting, drawing and writing even easier by letting students and teachers use the pen directly on an LCD screen. These interactive pen displays are available as optional hardware separately from the Digital Art Education Package. Here are some recommended choices:

For Students: DTU-1031 Interactive Pen Display

The DTU-1031 is an entry-level pen display that lets primary and middle-school students paint directly on screen. The responsive display and textured surface mimic the experience of drawing on paper. Key features include:

  • Completely flat surface and ultra-thin design for maximum comfort.
  • Hardened, scratch-resistant glass surface for durability.
  • Cordless, battery-free pen supports 512 levels of pressure.
  • 10.1" IPS panel with LED backlights, 1280x800 resolution and wide viewing angles.
  • Single 3 meter USB cable transmits video, power and data. (Optional 5 meter cable available).  Special lock keeps USB cable firmly attached. 
  • Special 3-year limited product warranty for education users.

For Teachers: DTH-2242 and DTU-1631 Interactive Pen Displays

The DTH-2242 and DTU-1631 are larger pen displays that are well suited for use by teachers at the front of the classroom. Drawing and writing on-screen mimics the experience of drawing on paper and the larger screen gives teachers more space to create.

  DTH-2242 DTU-1631

Display size, type

21.5" H-IPS a-Si TFT

15.6" a-Si TFT

Screen resolution

1920 x 1080

1366 x 768


Pen and multi-finger touch


Pen pressure levels



Additional features for both models include:

  • Completely flat surface and ultra-thin design for maximum comfort.
  • Hardened, scratch-resistant glass surface for durability.
  • Cordless, battery-free pen. Special 3-year limited product warranty for education users

Painting and Calligraphy Software

One of two different software CDs is available, depending on whether you choose the package for drawing and painting or for calligraphy.

Drawing and Painting: Qiyi Painter

A robust software application that is a good fit for basic art education. It contains a wide set of features and is simple to install, operate and maintain.

Key Creative Features for Qiyi Painter:

  • Drawing: More than 50 drawing tools give you the ability to create. They include pencils, water colors, oil paints, brushes, airbrush, special-purpose pens, filters and magic wands.
  • Photograph retouching: Powerful darkroom tools make the graphic creation even better, including color adjustments, sharpening, blurring and stylized effects.
  • Animation (stop-motion): Use input from digital cameras, webcams, scanners. Output into video or print.

Calligraphy: Qiyi WriteRoom

A software application that lets students learn and practice calligraphy. It is easy to use and the results mimic brush on paper.

Key Creative Features for Qiyi WriteRoom:

  • Simple user interface.
  • Realistic looking brushes. Select from different brush options.
  • Ability to customize digital "paper" you write on.
  • Calligraphy dictionary.
  • Recording feature to capture calligraphy strokes.
  • Ability to create seals.

Maintenance Features for Qiyi Painter and WriteRoom

  • Compatible with all versions of Windows and does not require the operating systems to provide any networking protocol support and setting information (like IIS).
  • Not every computer needs to be verified. It only requires the USB license key to be inserted into the server computer.
  • Supports up to 60 users to meet the needs of the school.
  • Does not require professional maintenance. It can easily be maintained by teachers.
  • Class management, work management and work evaluation features for the teacher are provided.

Image Library CD

An image library CD is also provided, giving you access to nearly 1000 images of plants, animals, characters, backgrounds, animations and photo frames. These can be used as part of the art that your students create.

New Curriculum Standard Art Teaching Materials

For each grade of primary and middle school, there is a set of four disks of teaching material – two multi-media CDs and two video DVDs. The disks in each set contain the following subjects, with content appropriate to the grade level being taught:

  • Appreciation and Review
    • Format: CD-ROM (multi-media software)
    • Content: Interpretation of famous ancient and modern works.
  • Famous Teachers' Excellent Class
    • Format: DVD-ROM (video class)
    • Content: Four prize-winning art lessons in the national competition
  • Famous Teachers' Excellent Class
    • Format: DVD-ROM (video class)
    • Content: Four teaching demonstrations from different provinces
  • Class Design
    • Format: CD-ROM (multi-media software)
    • Content: Teaching courseware, teaching design and teaching papers

For the nine grades of primary and middle schools, there are a total of 36 disks.

In-person Training

The Digital Art Education Package also includes a training program customized for primary and middle school teachers. The training includes a two-day personal, face-to-face training session and 12 group sessions. It will be conducted by instructors from the China Art Education's Digital Art Education Research Center. Training will be provided regardless of where your school is located in China.

Guide Books

A copy of the book Wonderful Digital Paintbrush is also provided. It was created jointly by well-known art education experts, teachers, teaching material editor board members, software designers and hardware developers. Forty detailed courses, and over 150 pages of full-color illustrations, take you step-by-step through how to create digital art. In just 10 minutes you can learn to draw pictures on the computer.

Wacom products for early creative education

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