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Paperless Processes Drive Efficiencies at POS

You can help your customers spend less time in the check-out line, while your organization saves costs, and enjoys the back-office benefits of digital workflows.

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Paperless workflows in retail situations continue to grow at an extremely rapid pace. Electronic handwritten signatures are used for service contracts, terms and conditions, agreements, approvals, and for payment authorization. By signing electronically, retailers can gain record-tracking efficiencies and cost-saving benefits by reducing paper.

Electronic handwritten signatures are an integral part of paperless workflows at retail stores. The digital information can be easily stored in databases that can automatically send out confirmations to customers. In addition, the digital data can be included in back-office operations for greater efficiency.

Capturing electronic handwritten signatures is simple and easy with a Wacom signature pad as they are small and extremely reliable. Color screen models are best for promoting special offers while they are not in use for signing.

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Benefits of an Electronic Signature System for POS

  • Speeds the customer process for check-out, sign-in, and memberships
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Save costs related to paper processing, scanning, archiving, storing, and transporting
  • Improve information availability by maintaining all documents electronically
  • Increase participation in loyalty programs through email collected at POS
  • Eliminate document loss
  • Reinforce your brand reputation as a digital innovator which is environmentally aware

Recommended Products for Purchases & Transactions


5” 800 x 480 color LCD signature pad


10.1” 1920 x 1080 color LCD pen display

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