Exploring New Possibilities in the XR Space

Exploring New Possibilities in the XR Space

Expressing and Experiencing Art

Most of time, we experience day-to-day events in real (non-virtual) space through our five senses. When it comes to drawings and illustrations, we are still bound by a set of rules specific to 2D expression.

Can the creativity in artists’ expression be confined to two dimensions? If this restriction were to be lifted, what would this mean for the ways in which they express themselves?

XR (cross-reality) space, which is now seeing an increase in public attention, has no physical distance nor size, and is free from the restrictions imposed by natural laws on mass. This allows it to give rise to forms of expression so far unattainable in real space. This may prove to be a treasure trove of new “instruments,” which will now become available, not only to 2D artists, but also to all creative minds so far confined by various restrictions.

The same can be said for those receiving and experiencing artists’ works of creative expression. In a way, the XR space has the power to create a new structure of values in such experiences that go far beyond conventional perceptions.

A New “Instrument” in Art

Creative expression using the XR space may be used by artists as a new tool. Moreover, such forms of creative expression could potentially be a game changer for both those “creating” and those “experiencing” works of art. On the other hand, artists may be spoilt for choice as a result of the new lack of restrictions, and may find it difficult to differentiate their creations due to the popularization and saturation of these new means of expression.

Help is available in the form of one of these new “instruments,” namely a new input tool (the Wacom VR pen) with the tracing of brushstrokes (KISEKI). The use of such an instrument should help artists to create one-of-a-kind works of art that are truly their own, reflecting their intension, emotions, background, and habits.


The term “metamorphosis” refers to the transformative changes of an insect as it passes through its lifecycle. A virtual world titled “Metamorphosis” was set up within VRChat in order to visualize the KISEKI art project by making full use of virtual spaces.

What will come out of a collaboration between data from 2D artworks (comprising traces of brushstrokes) and the virtual world which offers infinite possibilities for expression? Which experiences await us ahead?

“Metamorphosis” is a prelude to the new world of expression open to both those “creating" and those “experiencing” works of art. Get a feel for the creative transformation now underway.