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Find Your True Colors – with Wacom Color Masters

Renowned color masters around the globe share their color expertise with Wacom –and with you: Sign up and delve into Kevin O’Connor’s comprehensive guide to color management, study color theory and composition with retouching expert Natalia Taffarel, and learn how to achieve best colors with the Wacom Color Manager and Cintiq 27QHD.

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Natalia Taffarel – Portrait of a Visionary Retoucher

One of the most sought-after color and retouching experts, Natalia Taffarel’s passion lies in unleashing the hidden beauty in images – and telling others how she got there. Her compositions appear in fashion magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan, and she has taught retouching classes in metropolises including Dubai, New York and London. Natalia has always kept widening her knowledge of digital art and post-production – be it during her design studies or by teaching Photoshop to herself. Most importantly, Natalia believes in the power of intelligence and continuous growth that will lead you to become the best retoucher you can be.

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Wacom Color Management for Artist Free Download

Comprehensive Guide to Color Management – Mastering the Challenges of Digital Color

Achieving great color is not a coincidence. The comprehensive guide “Color Management for Artists” helps digital artists improve their color workflow and get best color results the first time, every time.

Optimize your workflow with the guide “Color Management for Artists”.

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True-to-Life Color Has a Home with Cintiq

Wacom’s creative pen and touch displays are made for an awe-inspiring color experience. Simplify color management and calibrate all displays of the Cintiq family effortlessly using the Wacom Color Manager hardware and software – for best color the first time, every time.

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Wacom Color Master Overview Color Manager

Perfect Colors on Every Display – with the Wacom Color Manager

Great digital art requires color calibration. The Wacom Color Manager provides artists with the calibration software and hardware to ensure absolute best color results on every display – customized especially for the Cintiq27QHD.

Sign up and find out all about professional color calibration!

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Sign up now and learn how to create more with FREE tutorials, brushes, layered source files, and many more creative secrets from Natalia Taffarel and other leading artists.



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