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Improve voter ID and registration with electronic handwritten signatures

Paperless processes for voter ID cards, and for elections using electronic handwritten signatures delivers efficiencies

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Many election results around the globe have been impacted due to issues with paper-based ballots. The counting and verifying processes of paper ballots are labor intensive and are at risk due to human error. Voter identification is often of low security and easy to alter. And many elections take no measures to ensure that only ballots from legal voters are counted. All of these issues can be addressed with a modern, electronic voting system that includes the capture of electronic handwritten signatures.

Wacom signature pads are small, scratch resistant, and reliable to capture hundreds of thousands of electronic signatures and many years of service.

Wacom provides developer support and related software developer kits for government agencies who are interested in adding electronic handwritten signature capability to existing networked systems.

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Benefits of an Electronic Signature System for Use in Public Sector Environments

  • Increase efficiencies in creating, filling out, signing submitting, and counting ballots
  • Eliminate risk of unreadable or damaged ballots
  • Utilize digital processing to tabulate election results accurately
  • Ensure ballots from legal voters are counted
  • Capture signatures for ID cards without scanning
  • Reduce waiting times at the polls to encourage greater voter turnout
  • Eliminate costs related to printing, sorting, counting, storing, archiving, retrieving, and transporting paper ballots

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