10. Nov 2022
2:00 AM - 2:45 AM

The Key To Unlocking Your Creativity with Neuroscience

Duration: 45 min
Original language: English
Simultaneous interpretation: No
Subtitles: No
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The creative mind is a busy mind! Innovation, inspiration, and thinking outside the box all go hand in hand in the creative process. What if you could stay in that state of creative flow, while still protecting yourself from the dreaded artistic burnout? We know the most innovative, creative folks in their field often fall just outside the social norm, so knowing how to support our unique neurosignature and embracing the neurosignature diversity of those around us is key to living an impactful, creative life! Using the latest insights from social cognitive neuroscience, bestselling author Friederike Fabritius shows us not only how to work & live more fully, but how to set our brains up for creative success.