6:00 PM - 6:45 PM (UTC+09:00), November 17

KISEKI ART: Art is also found in traces of creation – what will come out of the “visualization of traces”?

Japanese, simultaneous translation available in English
Online stream and on stage in : Tokyo

Where to find value in art works - only in the finished works or possibly also in the process of their production? “KISEKI ART” for visualizing the making of art works is a joint R&D project of Wacom, Preferred Networks and CELSYS. “Ink data” from the movements of pen nibs and tips in drawing illustrations are captured and input to AI for feature quantity analysis, and again output as a completely new form of art expression. It is a venture that opens up new creative possibilities and experiences. This session sheds light on the collaboration among illustrators, KISEKI ART and performers of analog forms of expression. Arts generated through digital data converted from analog data are again reflected upon an analog form of expression which initiates a series of processes leading to unexpected a-ha experiences. “KISEI “are traces given shape and made visible in the project. How are human perceptions affected by these newly gained “traces”?