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We Strive to Reach the Highest Standards Worldwide

We are very grateful to have received awards and certifications from such well respected industry organizations, institutions, and media sources across the globe. Their recognition, along with your satisfaction, means a lot to us.

Wacom wins Red Dot Award for Signature products

For the first time, Wacom has won the coveted design award from Red Dot for two of its Signature products. Both the Signature Pad STU-530 and the Signature Display DTU-1031 convinced the 40 member expert panel of their outstanding product design, beating off competition from over 4,000 other entries.

Peter Sommer, Vice President Enterprise Business, Wacom Europe GmbH commented: "We are extremely proud that two of our products have won such a prestigious and well known design award. Combining technological innovation with outstanding design, our Signature products provide customers with a robust and trustworthy way to collect legally binding signatures and information. Handling is easy and ergonomic and most importantly the pads and displays feel natural to those using them. Dedicated to our customers specific needs, their innovative design means they can easily be integrated into POS solutions and counters."

Signature Pad STU-530

The STU-530 supports digital business workflows that need to capture handwritten signatures to authorise or confirm business processes. It is ideal for POS in banks or retail and for any company requiring a display with minimal footprint and innovative design. The thin, low-profile design, flat surface and attractive matted anthracite colour makes the STU-530 suitable for discreet integration at the counter where a user can easily view or fill in full size documents and sign them digitally. Combined with the light, slim pen, writing feels as close to analogue pen and paper as possible. The 5" high resolution colour LCD screen and the hardened glass surface complete the high-quality look and feel of the pad.

Signature Display DTU-1031

The award-winning design of the DTU-1031 is unique. Its combination of a high-resolution colour display with a small footprint makes it suitable for any counter or POS. The DTU-1031 features a minimalistic design with high quality materials and metallic colours that correspond to the display colours of the Wacom pen.

The 7th July is awards night for Red Dot, in Essen, Germany, where Wacom will be presented with its award. The Red Dot Design Museum in Essen will also be opened for four weeks for a public showcase of around 2,000 exhibits, including the Wacom signature pads and displays. This is the largest exhibition of contemporary designs worldwide.

DTU-1031 wins Salon Solutions Bancaires Award as most innovative solution 2013

In cooperation with the French publishing house Publi-News the Salon Solutions Bancaires awarded Wacom DTU-1031 LCD signature display as the most innovative solution 2013 for dematerialisation of flows and contracts.

Thomas Kaeb, Business Development Manager Southern Europe, was happy to receive the award during the Salon Solutions Bancaires conference 2013 in Paris. After receiving this Award for the sign pad STU-520 in 2011, it is the second time that a signature solution from Wacom won this prize.

The signature display DTU-1031 is the ideal solution for corporate or institutional customers who require a display with a minimal footprint that allows users to view or fill out full-size documents and sign them digitally. Therefore, customers can clearly see the contents of a document and sign with confidence, for example when signing at a banking counter. Integrated into several banks across Europe such as BNP Paribas in Guadeloupe, CECA saving banks in Spain, Alior Bank in Poland or Banca Intesa in Italy successfully, Wacom and its signature solutions already became an established and reliable partner for the banking sector, where cost efficiency and security are crucial. By achieving paperless transactions the banks manages to save costs and provide their customers an innovative and outstanding service.

STU-500: Electronic signature solution by TeleCash wins Retail Award

The German magazine "handelsjournal" announced our signature partner TeleCash among the winners of the annual "Top Produkt Handel" Award, an award to honour the best products for the retail sector. TeleCash won the award a second time in the row, being chosen as the best payment solution last year as well. This year TeleCash received the prize in the category of "environmental friendliness" silver status for its onlineArchive, which works in combination with the Wacom STU signature pad.

Signing at the POS

Thanks to the onlineArchive paper receipts become totally unnecessary at the point of sale (POS) as the receipt is not printed any longer after the payment process, but stored digitally. The customers are asked to sign directly on the Wacom signature pad to confirm the transaction. Afterwards the data is transmitted to TeleCash and archived centrally on a secure server. Only the customer receives a paper receipt as usual.

50 per cent less material costs

The advantages of electronic filing: based on a paperless document management cash transactions are more efficient and administrative and material costs can be reduced. As a result, dealers can save up to 50 % of their paper usage and material costs, and other resources for handling the documents. The digital workflow offers the retail two important features: achieving a great share on environment protection on the one hand as and increasing the cost efficiency by an optimized process.

Find out more about TeleCash´s onlineArchive.

STU-500 is part of CECA solution that receives TeleTrusT Innovation Award 2009

TeleTrusT, the German IT security association, awarded the TeleTrusT Innovation Award 2009 to the Spanish Savings Banks Organisation (Confederación Española de Cajas de Ahorros, CECA) for its e-signing project at ISSE 2009 in The Hague.

CECA uses Wacom STU-500 LCD Signature Pads provided by Softpro (Softpro´s name of the STU-500 is SignPadeSignio) for digitising handwritten signatures in Spanish savings banks combining the benefits of biometric signatures and cryptographic techniques in their application Firma Digitalizada. 

Since the beginning of 2009, more than 10 000 pads and software for e-signature capture have gone into production at workstations in Spanish savings banks.

Please read the full article here:

STU-500 and SignDoc received certification mark of German Technical Inspection Association Group

TÜV Saarland, a member of the German Technical Inspection Association Group (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein, TÜV) recently certified SOFTPRO’s SignDoc in combination with Wacom’s signature pad STU-500. The TÜV was testing version 3.1 of SignDoc in conjunction with the signature tablet SignPad eSignio. TÜV Saarland confirms the easy and safe operation of this innovative software for electronic signatures with handwritten signatures.

The seamless interaction of STU-500 and Sign Doc could fully convince the testers. The systematical review included that in SignDoc data cannot be manipulated during the signing process and that SignDoc detects tampering in signed PDF files. The test of the integrity of a document is possible with SignDoc as in common PDF viewers such as Adobe Reader. Another test was carried out with software products that try to capture data from the traffic via USB. The TÜV confirms that sniffing data of the communication between STU-500 and SignDoc does not result in recording any usable data but just plain"junk data".

STU-520 wins Salon Solutions Bancaires Award as most innovative solution 2011

In cooperation with the French publishing house Publi-News the Salon Solutions Bancaires awarded Wacom STU-520 LCD signature pad as the most innovative solution 2011 for dematerialisation of flows and contracts.

Thomas Kaeb, Business Development Manager Southern Europe, was happy to receive the award during the Salon Solutions Bancaires conference 2011 in Paris. Wacom was selected by an independent jury, consisting of two banking professionals and two consultants, which evaluated several criterias such as innovation and customer benefits.

The STU-520 LCD signature pad with its wide range color display is the flagship product of the Wacom signature product range. Integrated into several banks across Europe such as CECA saving banks in Spain, Alior Bank in Poland or Banca Intesa in Italy successfully, Wacom already became a established and reliable partner for the banking sector, where cost efficiency and security are crucial. By archieving paperless transactions the banks manages to save costs and provide their customers an innovative and outstanding service.

Wacom awarded by France's National Federation of Trusted Third Parties

Wacom has been awarded by France’s FNTC (Fédération Nationale des Tiers de Confiance). Each year, the Trusted Third Party Innovation Awards go to the best applications developed in the private sector.

For the tenth year running, the Trusted Third Party Innovation Awards have been held, highlighting and honouring projects and solutions relating to electronic data exchange – a key growth factor for the digital economy. Presented by France’s National Federation of Trusted Third Parties at the “Confidence in the Digital Economy Awards” ceremony in Paris, they are designed to encourage, promote and reward products whose features and properties make an outstanding contribution to creating a secure technological environment – and thereby help build up users’ confidence when they engage in electronic data exchange.

Wacom’s digital signature pads were honoured at this year’s ceremony, receiving the ‘Grand Prix’, the highest level of recognition in the Trusted Third Party Innovation Awards. Key features that make Wacom’s digital tablets stand out include:

  • Practical benefits for users and firms alike, such as dispensing with the need for paper when signing contracts
  • Quality in terms of the technical reliability of both hardware and software
  • ROI following the deployment of digital signature pads
  • Compliance with the legal and regulatory environment
  • Integration with clients’ information systems: simple and extremely easy to roll out

As well as bringing a zero-paper environment within reach, Wacom signature pads, like the STU-520, also preserve the ‘natural’ gesture of signing. Whether it's for signing contracts over the counter, administrative formalities or payment transactions, they now provide a medium for a fully-fledged digital signature that is completely hassle-free for customers and vendors alike.

More Information on the FNTC can be found here

sign&save chosen among the best products of 2012 for medium businesses

Wacom's first plug&play signature capturing solution sign&save was awarded as one of the best products for small and medium businesses of the year out of more than 2500 nominees in its category. sign&save received the Certificate "Innovation Price for IT Best of 2012" in the category Office Management by the German community of interest "Initiative Mittelstand". The price is already the second award for sign&save after the Spanish PC World Award.

Since 2004 the Inititive Mittelstand is supporting small and medium businesses across the country – is awarding the best IT solutions and products, especially created for the SMB sector: The "Innovationspreis-IT". By the award, companies of all sizes are encouraged permanently to develop IT innovations, simplifying the daily workflow for small companies.

The jury, including professors, scientists, industry representatives and journalists, evaluated the submitted products and solutions according to a fixed criteria catalog for instance innovation (innovation, product maturity, and future orientation), suitability for SMEs (SME relevance, practicality and implementation) and the benefits (recognizable benefits, impact on profitability, efficiency). sign&save was fulfilling all criteria and convinced the 100 judges completely:

  • Innovation: With sign&save is delivering a unique and innovative signature capturing tool to the market.
  • Suitability: It is easy as 1,2,3 – install the software, connect the signature tablet to your PC, sign. Developed for SMBs, sign&save matches the needs of smaller companies being also available in two versions so it can be used either stationary or in the field.
  • Benefits: sign&save offers the user the possibility to achieve a paperless office even when a signature is required. As a result the user can increase his efficiency while working, not being bothered with the management of his paper documents anymore, saving time and money at the very end.

"5 Star Award" by PCWorld for Sign & Save

PCWorld, one of the leading global computer magazines focusing on reviews of soft- and hardware, was currently testing sign&save, the first plug&play signature solution by Wacom. Being completely convinced of the product and the benefits it offers to entrepreneurs and all small and medium businesses, the magazine assigned sign&save with its "5 Stars Award", receiving the best rating possible:

"In an increasing digitalized world needing to continue using a paper document to get a signature may be a tedious.

A solution offered is electronic identity card among its options with the digital signature (using a password system) but the truth is that its use is only for electronic documents and is also more oriented to sign transaction documents.

The alternative proposed by Wacom is a signature pad where it has extensive experience but intended only to capture handwritten signatures and stamp them life in electronic documents without using paper, being stored digitally.

Wacom sells two models of its sign&save range the STU-500, which we tested, and the STU-300, a 100 Euro smaller and cheaper mobile model designed to travel. In both cases the goal is that you can sign the documents in PDF format directly to your computer without having to print a copy, afterwards signed and scanned.

The pad we reviewed has a monochrome display 10.2 x 7.6 cm (5" diagonal) with a 640 x 480 resolution that also points to capture the electronic signature in real time, while we sign with the pen, it also allows to show other content and your company logo. The size is large enough to capture any signature in comfort and without the pencil stumble at the edges as for example in portable devices used by some couriers for this purpose. This size of the model larger than the mobile version (but it proved it is still compact enough to carry it with a laptop if necessary) is because it is designed for use for customer service counters for this application but we miss a slot for Kensington locks.

To sign you use the included stylus without batteries, due to electromagnetic resonance technology and which can indicate up to 512 levels of pressure so it offers great fidelity and naturalness. In addition it is able to record the biometric characteristics of each signature such as pressure and speed of the stroke to ensure security.

You need the included software (sign I pro PDF) which is responsible for signature capturing and certificating PDF documents. You can use any kind of a PDF, which will be certified to indicate the reason for the signature that will show both on the tablet and in the signed document. Also all content shown in the document will appear on the pad screen in an additional window. In our case we signed the cover of our sister magazine IDG TechStyle, giving the final OK for its design for instance.

Once the document is signed it can be opened without problems with Adobe Reader, we suggest to download a list of trusted certificates to validate signed documents automatically and show us the signature panel on which we can verify if the signature (or signatures) are valid, and if the document is subsequently modified.

In short, a practical solution to avoid the use of paper documents just because it needs to be signed."

Wacom signature products recommended by German Bundesdruckerei 

The German federal printing office Bundesdruckerei recommends the signature solutions from Wacom among others. The recommended signature tablets can be used for the paperless application of e-passports and ID cards in German registration offices. As the application of new passports and ID cards needs several signatures from the applicant, the amount of paper is huge: A big potential to save paper, time and money.

Among the recommended products are the signature pads STU-300, STU-500 and STU-520 as well as the new signature display DTU-1031 from Wacom. Instead of signing on paper, the applicant is asked to provide his signature directly on the screen of the signature pad. If the used software provides biometric data, the signature device registers pressure, speed and acceleration of the pen during the signing process to generate an individual profile of each signatory to verify and authenticate the signature.

Besides the signature solutions, the Interactive Pen Displays from the PL- / DTU-series are as well recommended by the Bundesdruckerei for interested authorities. Reducing operation costs by avoiding paper, Wacom signature pads are already used at registration offices, by the police and other authorities looking for a paperless administration: For instance the Berlin State Authority for Citizens and Regulatory Affairs as well as the registration office in the Bavarian city Erding capture all provided signatures electronically directly on the signature pad, simplifying the process for both employees and applicant. The task can be fulfilled much faster, reducing waiting times for each citizen on the one hand, saving time of the employee, making print-outs and traditional archiving unnecessary on the other hand.

Fiducia certified Softpro SignDoc

The largest IT service provider in Germany’s cooperative financial institute association has certified Softpro's Software as having fulfilled its stringent security guidelines.

SignDoc, Softpro's software for electronic signing, meets the security requirements of credit unions (i.e. "Volksbanken" and "Raiffeisen" banks). Fiducia IT AG, the largest IT service provider in the cooperative financial institute association, confirmed this test result in a security certificate for Softpro.

SignDoc in its current version, 3.1, was classified as safe to install and use on the Win XP workstation, the bank’s individual Win2003 Application Server (BAS) and the agree Vista workstation in the Fiducia-environment. The technical safety verification of third-party software was successfully completed for these application environments. The broad usage of Electronic Signatures in combination with SignPads in Spanish savings banks has recently been awarded the prestigious Innovation Prize by the German IT security association TeleTrusT. With immediate effect, credit unions can enjoy the benefits of capturing and processing handwritten signatures without paper in a certified secure environment.

SignDoc is not the first of Softpro's software oft to meet their stringent security requirements. Softpro’s solution for the automatic comparison of signatures in paper based payment transactions – SignPlus, also marketed as FraudOne in the Americas – has also been certified via the same security validation since several years. This new certification cements Softpro's further commitment for producing secure Software for the banking sector. SignPlus has already been successfully deployed for several institutes in association with Fiducia.

Fiducia places value on careful security validation of all third-party software such as that received by Softpro for obvious reasons: workstations in the banks can only be operated in a secure manner, if each component used at the workstation can be considered as secure. Several other IT service providers – whether based in Germany or abroad – rely on the recommendations of a security validation executed from Fiducia. Thus, for a software manufacturer like Softpro, a successful security validation is a positive signal beyond the market of credit unions in Germany.

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