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Partner Solutions

Wacom works with leading software vendors, who are offering a variety of applications that implement pen input. These are compatible with Wacom products to enable features such as drawing, writing, or signing electronically. Choose a market to see a list of applicable software solutions.

SignDoc Desktop


Rich Client for E-Signing of all file types which can be called from a customer's application - installs in minutes, supports all Wacom signature pads and pen displays



XYZMO SIGNificant platform provides the user interface and tools needed to define an optimal eSignature process and user experience. The platform's building blocks make it suitable for signature pads, interactive pen displays, mobile devices or web-based signing alike.


Hyland Software

OnBase Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions for Healthcare find the information you need, controls it, makes it work for you. Patient registration information is captured directly electronically with Wacom pen displays obviating the time-consuming steps like scanning and shredding inherent in paper registration capture. Support for Wacom’s signature pads allows OnBase customers to capture signatures electronically for consent or authorization and embed them in the digital document.

Electronic Patient Signatures


With Access e-Signature, patients can securely authorize electronic forms (e-forms) using an LCD signature pad, tablet PC or e-clipboard. When used with Access's industry-leading electronic forms on demand solution, Access e-Signature enables hospitals to transform paper-intensive admissions, registration and bedside consent processes into fast, efficient, paperless workflows.  

MedInformatix Electronic Health Record


Medinformatix Practice Management module integrates with EMR seamlessly and electronically facilitates the use of that data with the requirements of billing, collections, claims, scheduling, reports, lab results, imaging, referrals and other clinical and practice procedures. Medinformatix integrates support for Wacom signature tablets and Wacom pen displays to capture patient signature and other pen-captured data for records.



iSign leverages SignatureOne® Ceremony™ Server's core signature engine and is ideal for organizations looking for a standalone electronic signature solution. Through its intuitive graphical interface, iSign® Console™ allows users to upload documents for signature, select signers and signature methods, and manage and enforce document workflow for routing, reviewing, signing and notifications. iSign® Console™ offers a secure and intuitive solution that requires no integration and is available on-premise or in the cloud.

Biometric Signature


Biometric signature allows you to capture data that identifies how reliably the person and incorporate them in a document to provide more high-performance security.



Graphosign is a handwritten biometric signature solution that can be used on Wacom signature pads. It is an advanced electronic signature process, created in compliance with Italian regulations, whose main feature lies in having a certification authority (CA) and front-line employees who recognize and certificate the end signer.

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