Bamboo Spark Supports Handwriting to Text Conversion

Wacom’s smart notebook delivers on its promise of growing with the customer by adding handwriting to text conversion to move notes and ideas forward faster.   


Las Vegas - Jan. 5, 2016 - Today at CES, Wacom® introduces handwriting to text conversion to Bamboo Spark, the company’s smart notebook that saves notes digitally as they are written on paper. Converting handwritten notes to text brings several exciting new elements to Bamboo Spark including the ability to archive text notes and share them over email or other applications such as Evernote.  


“We are committed to keep adding to Bamboo Spark’s capabilities and handwriting to text conversion is just one of many updates that will allow the product to grow with the customer,” says Mike Gay, Senior Vice President for Wacom’s Consumer Products Business Unit. “Think about the possibilities! From students who want to share their class notes later with a study group or those who may have missed class to a business person who wants to store client-meeting notes for use in a future presentation, ink to text conversion has dozens of powerful uses.”


Handwritten notes are automatically captured in Inkspace, Wacom’s Cloud service that works in tandem with the Bamboo Spark app. By clicking on the export button within the Bamboo Spark app, users can then place plain text into an email or other tools such as Evernote and OneNote to share with others.

Bamboo Spark’s new handwriting to text function is powered by MyScript and provides advanced search capabilities, allowing one to search by single words, phrases or strings of text from the Bamboo Spark app. Handwriting to text conversion is supported in 13 languages: English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.




Handwriting to text conversion is now available free of charge for all Bamboo Spark users. Please visit for more information. 


About Wacom

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