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Wacom Yuify [  ̍ʝ uː i . f a i  ] is the service together with Celsys partnership, which allows you to protect your artwork and manage usage rights and legally binding license permissions. Simply start your workflow in Celsys's Clip Studio Paint. As soon as you export files for sharing and publishing Yuify injects an invisible micromark with your artwork’s unique digital ID into your JPG, PNG or other export format. This digital ID is recorded on the Yuify platform. You can now link your export files with your Yuify projects, describe project details and set up license permissions and conditions for collaboration with other artists.  

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Here is what Yuify can do for you

Export files with digital ID

Think of it as an invisible micromark holding your artwork's unique digital ID in your export file - and only Yuify can see it. The digital ID proves that your source artwork belongs to you because it is registered with your Yuify account. Anybody can trace back your artwork to the information you want to share by using our Yuifinder to inspect an image file.

Set usage permissions and licensing

Use Yuify to set up legally binding usage rights and license permissions with our License Builder. Simply create your Yuify project with all the usage conditions that work for you and then link your export files to your project. Yuify will keep all your records in one place.

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Agree on collaborations

Document legally binding agreements on buyouts with other artists - for your work or for their work. Yuify works in two directions - it lets you request or acquire permissions. Collaborations will be so much easier and safer if the paper work is done for you by Yuify in real time and stored on our platform for as long as you want.

Celsys and Wacom work together

Start your creative workflow in our partner application Celsys Clip Studio Paint. When you are ready to publish or share your export file protect it with Yuify by inserting an invisible micromark that holds your artwork's digital ID. From now on all your creations can be traced back to you and you can always claim your ownership. Get the recognition that you deserve.

Three steps to protect your ownership and manage all your artwork permissions

Start your creative workflow in Celsys Clip Studio. When you are ready to share it, click the Yuify button to inject an invisible micromark into your PNG, JPG etc that holds your artwork's unique digital ID

Then open Wacom Yuify and connect your Celsys account to your Yuify account. Now you will see all your export files in My Exports and can assign each one of them to your respective Yuify project.

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Set up all meta descriptions for your Yuify project that you want other users to see. And best of all, define the usage rights and license permissions that you want to negotiate with other artists and collaborators. No lawyers needed.

Need answers?

Visit our Wacom Yuify FAQ pages and search for your topic. We strive to constantly update our information sharing.

Want to join Wacom Yuify beta test?

Our Wacom Yuify service is not yet available to the general public. If you like to apply for testing the Wacom Yuify beta version please sign up to our Wacom Experience Program here and complete your interests in your Wacom ID profile. Then please email us at ux@wacom.com and state "Yuify" in the reference line.

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