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Prep for College Success with Handwriting

Meal points, data plan, plane ticket home for Thanksgiving. You've got the basics covered for your new college student to get comfortable. Now it's time to prep them for long-term success in the classroom.

Studies show that handwriting is key to enhanced learning and improved retention. The Bamboo Spark lets students enjoy the benefits of handwriting with pen and paper, with the digital advantages of a smart notebook, including the handwriting to text feature and free cloud storage* for storage and editing.

*Requires Wacom cloud registration.

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How Handwriting Supports Enhanced Learning

Researchers are taking note: handwriting leads to learning. We’ve gathered research from top thinkers about how handwriting improves students’ thought process. Handwriting lets students slow down, listen attentively without distraction and process information -- not type verbatim. Download the white paper for more insights into handwriting and learning.


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Traditional Notebook Meets 
Smart Technology

Bamboo Spark is a smart notebook that saves notes as they are written.

  • Notes are never lost –they’re available in the cloud or on iOS and most Android phones.*
  • Hand write, save as text with free Ink to Text.*
  • Sync with DropBox and OneNote
  • End the distraction of the laptop.

* Requires Wacom cloud registration

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Gadget Pocket

Smart folio with gadget pocket

A smart folio with additional space to carry your smart phone or extra paper.


$129.95 + free S&H

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Tablet Sleeve

Smart folio with tablet sleeve

A smart folio, with a flexible sleeve to hold a tablet with up to a 9.7 in (diagonal) display.


$129.95 + free S&H

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Snap Fit

Smart folio with snap-fit for iPad Air 2

A smart folio, specifically designed to fit the iPad Air 2.


$129.95 + S&H

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