18. Nov 2022
7:15 PM - 7:45 PM


Art | Concept Art | Philosophy
Duration: 30 min
Original language: Japanese
Simultaneous interpretation: Yes
Subtitles: No
Session type: performance

Tomoko Matsuoka is an artist who produces spirited and soulful paintings. As she paints live, traces of brushstrokes are extracted as sounds to be further processed in order to reconstruct her drawings as an audio experience that allows the audience to re-live her creative process. The acoustic design comprises repeating sounds in irregular rhythms that express Tomoko’s brushwork, with water splashes randomly echoing through the event hall. What colorful landscape does this result in? “Silence” is an experimental session by Tomoko Matusoka, an improvisational artist working on the theme of “Embodiment of Will,” and Hajime Fukuda, a sound artist in search of acoustic experiences accessible only to those who are actually present in the space.