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The world needs your ideas. Your ideas need Bamboo Note.*

It’s ideas that change the world. Experience simple and intuitive note taking that lets you easily capture information and shape your ideas. Have all your notes, ideas and thoughts in one place with the Bamboo Note app – and get ready to turn them into something that has the power make a real difference.

*Available soon. In the meantime, try Bamboo Paper.

Focus on your ideas. Not on your notes.

Keep your focus on what matters while discussing or working on something important. Bamboo Note gives you everything you need to get the work done, providing easy access to all essential note-taking features in one place.



Structure complex thoughts in a natural way.



Capture information fast and convenient.


Infinite canvas

Let thoughts and ideas flow freely.


You either type.
Or you handwrite. Or both.

Note taking is deeply personal and depends on the way you think and work. Bamboo Note allows for you to effortlessly shift between using handwriting or typing text and use images where desired – helping you to only focus on your ideas and thoughts.


Be quick, not complicated.

Perfection isn’t always necessary – and often costs too much time. More important is to keep moving and get your ideas out to your colleagues, business partners or friends. Bamboo Note helps you create crisp and tidy results that are immediately worth sharing.


To infinity and beyond

There’s no limit to what you can think and create. So there’s no way that the size of a page or a notebook should define how you take notes or work on your ideas. Thanks to the optional infinite canvas of Bamboo Note, you can let your ideas flow and keep on going on and on and on.


bamboo ink 

Bamboo Ink - smart stylus optimized for Windows Ink

Bamboo Ink is a smart digital pen designed to work hassle-free and with most pen-enabled Windows devices and apps – to keep your mind free for your thoughts and building fresh ideas.

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Universal Ink gives you the best digital writing experience and lets you easily edit and exchange ink as simply as text. Experience WILL Universal Ink with the new Bamboo Note app, Bamboo Paper, Inkspace and smartpads.


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