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Wacom Inkspace is an app that helps you nurture work created on paper. You can transform handwritten notes into text; and turn sketches into image, vector or video file formats – ready to edit in your favorite creative programs. Inkspace works in harmony with our Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Folio smartpads, enabling you to craft, enhance and share ideas more effectively than ever before.

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Ink to Text

  • Convert handwritten notes to text or DOC formats
  • Easily edit and share your notes
  • Save time as you don’t have to retype every word
  • Recognizes 22 languages

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Ink to Presentation

  • Ink to Video - Record your work coming together as an MP4
  • Share your creative process with others, line by line
  • Ideal for showcasing your work in presentations
  • Export to PowerPoint - now you can create customize presentation with your handwritten notes

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Ink to image & vector

  • Sync, store and export your sketches in JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG or WILL file formats
  • Once exported, refine your work with your favorite software on Mac or PC
  • No need to waste time scanning work in



When you’ve finished taking notes, you can use Wacom Inkspace to enhance your work and make basic refinements, or even create new notes. As a designer, for example, you can use Inkspace to develop a logo idea by adding color to a sketch.






Crafted for collaboration

When you’ve got to work collaboratively, Inkspace really comes into its own.

Using Live Mode on the Inkspace app, you can make drawings and annotations visible to others digitally as you work on paper. Now you can select different colors so the annotation could be more precise. This is ideal for people who want to broadcast in real time, such as artists sharing their creative process, or maths teachers working through a problem in front of their class.

The web app also enables you to work on a real-time canvas simultaneously with others. As everyone’s thoughts are captured in real time, you can continuously collaborate to create new ideas together and improve your overall workflow – no matter where you all are.

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* クラウド同期はInkspaceのモバイル版でのみ利用可能です。


Bamboo Smartpad

ワコムのスマートパッド、Bamboo SlateとBamboo Folioは、紙に新しい命を吹き込みます。ボタンを押すだけで、手書きのメモやスケッチをその細かな線も漏らさずデジタル化できます。実際の紙に描く感触を楽しめるだけでなく、後からInkspaceで書き込みや色付けして、ファイルを整理したり友達と共有したりできます。



  • 手書きのメモをリッチテキストに変換
  • 創作過程を動画として記録
  • ハッシュタグを付けてファイルを整理
  • リアルタイムでコラボ
  • モバイル、タブレット、ウェブブラウザで使用可能
  • 複数のページを1つのPDFファイルに変換
  • タグ、キーワード、作成日時でファイルを検索
  • スケッチを画像、動画、ベクターファイルにエクスポート
  • お好きなソフトでデジタルファイルを編集
  • 出先での使用に便利
  • ソーシャルメディアでの共有も簡単
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