Ask Ms. Catarina Cho from Samsung - strong partnership between Samsung and Wacom

Background of the business start with Wacom

When we first launched the Galaxy Note device back in 2011, we had pioneered a new category in the mobile market—the phablet. Combining the characteristics of a smartphone and a tablet, we needed a key differentiator that defined the identity of the Note series. When we had decided we would pack a small pen within the phone, we needed a partner who had the technology for digital pen. This is when our 11-year long partnership had begun its very first step.

The reason why Wacom became the partner

When we were searching for writing solution partners, we soon had internally agreed that Wacom was the one and only. To begin with, Wacom’s research and development on the digital pen technology had been proven by not only on paper through patent but also in real life use cases by many renowned multinational corporations utilizing Wacom products since the 90’s. But most importantly, Wacom delivered quality. Quality is one of the core values of our company, which we take very seriously. Wacom understood the gravity of the meaning, as they too had shared such value as the industry leading company for digital pen technology.

About ‘Ideal’ or ‘philosophy’ which both companies share together

Our shared values are devotion to creativity. Since embedding the first S Pen in our Galaxy Note smartphone back in 2011, we had expanded the S Pen technology into tablet and note PC(laptop) product portfolios, boosting our user’s productivity and creativity across their mobile experience. Aligned with Wacom’s mission statement, for a creative world, I believe Samsung mobile products powered by Wacom’s digital pen technology contribute to help delivering our users’ budding new ideas and catching inspirations flashing by into the world.

About the gained value by cooperating; Samsung and Wacom

Unrivaled unique mobile experience. Our effort and devotion over the past 10-plus years had led digital pens become the mainstream tool for creativity across the industry. We are confident that although the digital pen has become an easily accessible technology, there are no others who can deliver the unique mobile experience we have created together.

Benefit of cooperating with Wacom

Wacom’s continuous efforts on R&D for digital pen and ink is above and beyond. The mobile industry moves at fast pace, and our requests to Wacom for technological advancements are always delivered thanks to the great team of engineers at Wacom.

Direction for cooperation and co-research (short-term & long-term)

Personally, I was very happy after announcing the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Galaxy Tab S8 series earlier this year, proof of our shared belief in the S Pen. To deliver the most powerful experience on these devices, we reduced the pen latency significantly—70% for the S22 Ultra compared to the previous model—so users can write and draw more naturally on the expansive screen.

The S Pen is more than a tool for drawing and writing. With Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) technology, the S Pen is also a remote control that you can use, for example, to snap a group photo from afar by using the S Pen’s button as a shutter. Furthermore, the introduction of S Pen Air actions opened the door for users to remotely control their device using simple gestures. With a press of the S Pen’s button, the user could use these intuitive actions to switch between cameras and shooting modes, zoom in or out of a shot, and execute a variety of other convenient functions, all with customizable gestures. 

We are working closely together to bring meaningful innovations to our user’s everyday lives.

Connected Ink 2022 Session and booth contents

Throughout the years we had participated in Connected Ink, we were excited to share our then-latest products powered with the S Pen technology. This year, we would like to share how users can benefit from the connected experience of Galaxy’s S Pen-enabled products. From not only smartphone to tablets, but also note PCs and wearable mobile products, the session will share how Galaxy fans can maximize their productivity seamlessly. Visitors at Connected Ink can experience this at our booth with this year’s latest products—the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold4, Galaxy Tab S8 series, and the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360.

Messages from Samsung

We would like to express our gratitude for inviting us to Connected Ink again this year. All the best wishes to the Wacom team. Very excited to meet and connect with fellow digital inkers at the event.