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Clip Studio Paint:イラストやペインティングのアプリ

Bamboo Paper:Wacomのデジタルペーパーノート

MAGMA studio, browser-based art creation and collaboration tool.

Collaboard、Explain Everything、KamiApp、 Limnu、Pear Deck:教育現場でのスムーズな共同作業や意見交換のためのアプリ

クリエイティブな液晶タブレットWacom Oneには、これらのアプリがご購入特典として付属しています。詳細はこちら

Unleash your inner artist with this all-in-one illustration, painting, manga and comic creation solution. With its emphasis on drawing and painting, you can design just as you would on paper or canvas while accessing the best features of digital painting. Clip Studio Paint Pro is a popular tool, even for the absolute digital creative beginner.

Offer details

  • Up to 6 months complimentary access to CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO
  • Valid for Mac, Windows, Chrome OS
  • Sign-up or register to Wacom account is required. Plus sign-up or register to Clip Studio account is required to register serial number.
  • See more details on redemption and eligible countries & languages in the Terms and Conditions. Download Terms & Conditions

Wacom's own Bamboo Paper app turns your device into a paper notebook. Capture your ideas, sketches and drawings as easy as with real pen and paper. With Wacom One you can enjoy the Pro Pack features from Bamboo Paper (including all sketching tools and different book styles) for free.

Offer details

  • Includes all Pro Pack features
  • Valid for Windows 10
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Magma has all the features that you expect from a professional drawing & painting tool, with one major difference – it works directly in your browser.

Optimized for Wacom devices, enjoy the power of instant creativity without needing to install a single thing. Starting your next masterpiece is literally as simple as opening a link in your browser.

With the complimentary Pro plan, you can also host voice-chat meetings directly in Magma and use other advanced features such as texture brushes, 4K canvases, and PSD export.

Offer details

  • 3 months complimentary access to Magma Pro including advanced features such as texture brushes, 4K canvases, and PSD export
  • Offer valid until August 22, 2022
  • Sign-up or register to a Wacom account is required
  • Web-based application accessible via browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera) and working with a range of different platforms including Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS
  • See more details on redemption and eligible countries & languages in the Terms and Conditions. Download Terms & Conditions




• 3ヶ月ライセンス​
• ダウンロード期間:2021年11月30日まで​
• ​Wacom IDの作成またはログインが必要です。
• Windows、Mac、Chrome OSなどの各種プラットフォームに対応。ブラウザ(Chrome、Firefox、Edge、Safari、Opera)で利用できるウェブベースアプリです。





Explain Everything








Wacom One, full picture

With Wacom One, you get more than just a creative pen display and included software:

Pick your pen

You’re bound to love the included Wacom One pen. But a pen is a very personal thing. Several top brands have made pens that are compatible with Wacom One, so you’re sure to find the right pen option for you.

List of compatible pens


Wacom One は様々な OS に対応しており、WindowsやMac、Chromebook *、一部の Android 端末で利用できます。

対応する Chromebook および Android 端末の一覧

*ワコムではWacom One が Chromebook に対応していることを確認しています。

Wacom ID and product registration required. Agreement to Terms of Use and respective license agreement from bonus software companies required.

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