19. 11 2022
오후 9:00 - 오후 9:45

Nature-Inspired Automotive Concept Design

Creative Business | Design
길이: 45 min
Original language: English
Simultaneous interpretation: 지원 안 함
Subtitles: 지원 안 함
Session type: Hybrid
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Join us online here : https://www.youtube.com/connectedink/live

We perceive the world according to nature and culture.

From the beginning, human beings have been involved and immersed in a world where the language of shapes, colors, etc. is used to communicate.

For that reason, this information is part of our being and our history. The act of designing and creating follows these very patterns.

But in the design process, we also seek inspiration elsewhere: Products, architecture, and everything around us. Nature is something that has been evolving and refining for millions of years so the solutions we see in nature are something we should consider.